Payjoin - a basic demo

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I'll shortly be writing a blog post about the idea of "PayJoin", which is a variant of what's sometimes been called "Pay-To-Endpoint" coinjoin, or "p2ep".


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CoinJoinXT - a more flexible, extended approach to CoinJoin

Ideas were first discussed here. Thanks again to arubi on IRC for helping me flesh them out.

The half scriptless swap

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A curious, hybrid, unlinkable, signature algorithm independent atomic swap

(**THIS ALGORITHM IS BROKEN** .. OOPS! LEAVING FOR POSTERITY, BUT I HAVE MARKED WITH *** A COMMENT IN THE BELOW THAT IDENTIFIES THE FLAW IN THE REASONING. Also, there is a way I think it could be made to work, but only in a more restricted context than initially envisioned; again, see the comment below marked with ***).

The steganographic principle

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The Steganographic Principle

Some time ago I wrote this gist, which is an ill-formed technical concept about a way you could do steganography leveraging randomness in existing network protocols; but I also called it a "manifesto", jokingly, because I realised the thinking behind it is inherently political.

From Zero Knowledge Proofs to Bulletproofs Paper

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I've spent the last few weeks working on this paper, which comes out of my own desire to understand the technical underpinnings of Bulletproofs (see my previous post). It ends up being a walkthrough of sections of three academic papers, with "Asides" along the ways about various supporting concepts like Commitments and Zero Knowledge Proofs.