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Just some basic contact info in this post.

Adam Gibson.

Github:  page

Reddit, bitcointalk, freenode: username waxwing, twitter: username @waxwing__ (no longer used), mastodon waxwing.

My gpg public key can be found here notice this new one is signed with the old one which is expiring Dec 2018, the fingerprint is attached to some of the above accounts too, and also can be found in the pubkeys/ directory of the Joinmarket repo

I have bits and pieces of experience in software (nowadays mostly Python), nuclear engineering, finance, physics and mathematics (and the teaching thereof).

If you want to contact me via email, my username is my github account username (most active one in Joinmarket-Org/joinmarket-clientserver) at protonmail.com

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Adam Gibson 4 years, 1 month ago

Test comment

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Asher H. Hopp 1 year ago

Hi Adam,

My name is Asher, I am an entrepreneur in California. I only started learning about Bitcoin a year ago, and I really enjoy reading your blog - I think you have great ideas!

I would love to connect about PayJoin. I think it could become the gold standard of network fungibility, do you think there are any limitations? (assuming there is a critical mass of users to eliminate confidence in blockchain analytics)

Thank you for all of your work and the blog!


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waxwing 1 year ago

Hi Asher,
Thanks for the comment and sorry for the delay in responding, unfortunately I have to review comments manually here.

Re: PayJoin, yes, sure, it could be a huge deal, but it requires standardisation, and it is interactive. So I half agree with you - it is definitely a game changer for fungibility if it is used sufficiently - even perhaps 10% might count. But it is difficult to get a large population of users using it. See other articles on the same topic that talk about "Pay To Endpoint" or P2EP, see also the discussion on the bitcoin-dev mailing list around BIP79, for more details (it was called "Bustapay", rather ill-advisedly, in that document!).


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Charul 10 months ago

Hi Adam,

I am a research student and my topic of interest matches your recent introduction of joinmarket. I want to connect to you about some doubts similar to that.

Could you please let me know if you can help.

Appreciate your time.
Thank you.

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waxwing 9 months, 1 week ago

Hi Charul,
You're more than welcome to email me or contact via other methods, see my details in the 'About-me' page linked on the top right.

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