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Schnorrless Scriptless Scripts

Posted by: Adam Gibson | in Bitcoin, Cryptography | 3 months, 4 weeks ago | 0 comments


The weekend of April 4th-5th 2020 we had a remote "Lightning Hacksprint" organized by the ever-excellent Fulmo, one Challenge was related to "Payment Points" (see here; see lots more info about the hacksprint at that wiki) and was based around a new innovation recently seen in the world of adaptor signatures. Work was led by Nadav Kohen of Suredbits and Jonas Nick of Blockstream; the latter's API for the tech described below can be seen currently as a PR to the secp256k1 project here. The output from Suredbits was a demo as show here on their youtube, a PTLC (point time locked contract, see their blog for more details on that).