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Ring signatures

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  • Basic goal of 1-of-\(N\) ring signatures
  • Recap: the \(\Sigma\)-protocol
  • OR of \(\Sigma\)-protocols, CDS 1994
  • Abe-Ohkubo-Suzuki (AOS) 2002 (broken version)
  • Security weaknesses
  • Key prefixing
  • Borromean, Maxwell-Poelstra 2015
  • Linkability and exculpability
  • AND of \(\Sigma\)-protocols, DLEQ
  • Liu-Wei-Wong 2004
  • Security arguments for the LWW LSAG
  • Back 2015; compression, single-use
  • Fujisaki-Suzuki 2007 and Cryptonote 2014
  • Monero MLSAG

Basic goal of 1-of-\(N\) ring signatures

The idea of a ring signature (the term itself is a bit sloppy in context, but let's stick with it for now) is simple enough:

Liars, cheats, scammers and the Schnorr signature

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How sure are you that the cryptography underlying Bitcoin is secure? With regard to one future development of Bitcoin's crypto, in discussions in public fora, I have more than once confidently asserted "well, but the Schnorr signature has a security reduction to ECDLP". Three comments on that before we begin:

Finessing commitments

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This post was mostly prompted by a long series of discussions had online and in person with many people, including in particular Adam Back and Tim Ruffing (but lots of others!) - and certainly not restricted to discussions I took part in - about the tradeoffs in a version of Bitcoin that does actually use Confidential Transactions.


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Payjoin - a basic demo

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I'll shortly be writing a blog post about the idea of "PayJoin", which is a variant of what's sometimes been called "Pay-To-Endpoint" coinjoin, or "p2ep".